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An Age-Old Healing Art

Colon Hydrotherapy is among the oldest of health care practices, dating back over 4,000 years as recorded in Egyptian artifacts. These century-old methods of recovering or maintaining health, energy enthusiasm and liveliness have been reawakened in the twenty-first century as both doctors and patients seek a simpler means of achieving better health. Whole health truly begins in the colon.



Take the First Step!
If you are suffering from health problems, or are ready to get serious about changing the way you feel start by simply cleaning-up your diet along with participating in positive things that are truly important to your well-being. One of the things you may seriously consider is Colon Hydrotherapy. Many of our clients say it has been the most important step they have taken in regaining their health. Take your first step and call Innerlight to schedule a session.


During this phone conversation you will receive a thorough explanation of this health-improving process and have all your questions answered so that you will know exactly what to expect on you arrival. We have included some introductory information on this site with links to other sites that give you a good idea of what Colon Hydrotherapy is all about.

Our clients are always surprised at how simple the process actually is and how well their privacy and dignity are maintained ina very comfortable and inviting environment. We want to make you feel right at home!

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